Order, Movement, Expansion 1


fired and glazed clay

installations of varying dimensions

The cast objects are derived from a single mold but the use of green and black affects them to the extent that the green ones are soft, plant-like and the black ones look more vigorous, dynamic perhaps, similar to insects. The two groups play two roles in a collision: the peaceful, pacifistic role of the green ones and the energetic, aggressive role of the black ones.  The compositions I use when placing the two tribes on the surface further illustrate similar behavior. Each constellation of the pieces represents a stage in a drama. Still, in some cases, the aspect of a collision can be ignored in favor of a sequence of  patterns which can freely take its place instead.

The engaging of the public in a creative act of mindful grouping and regrouping of elements gives everybody a chance to take part in the creative process. A camera was used to document the public creating their own compositions.


Technique: Fired and glazed earthenware

Installation of varying dimensions, each element 3cm x 5cm x 2cm


The Pottery Studio at the
Slovenian Ethnographic Museum
Metelkova 2
Ljubljana, Slovenia


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