Practice Makes Perfect

The largest clay relief in Slovenia. It consists of shaped bricks embedded in a 12m2 mosaic. It represents the contribution of the children, youth and workers of the Center for Education, Rehabilitation and Training Kamnik, regardless of the degree of mobility impairment.

It was created in 2010 as part of the European innovation project Practice Maked Perfect. This is a development project to increase the employability of vulnerable social groups in the field of culture and support their social inclusion.

The process of working with clay was led by industrial designer, potter and ceramic artist Urban Magušar, academic sculptor Eva Peterson Lenassi and mentors: Lota Kahne, Branka Globočnik, Ivana Uršič, Martina Lenček and Natalija Rizman.


The Pottery Studio at the
Slovenian Ethnographic Museum
Metelkova 2
Ljubljana, Slovenia


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