using a press mold and fired in anagama

each piece 10 x 30 x 40cm

“The entire cycle is based on the use of a single mold made with a shoemaking last, the word for which in Slovene also means that all elements are identical. From this starting point I began an interpretation of individual elements in a set and the analysis of the relations between them, with different compositions defining different relations. I am taking individual elements in the installation Shadows as human figures and searching for an intimate atmosphere between two abstracted identities.I place the dominant and the subordinate figures into a relationship that enables a confrontation between light and dark, smooth and rugged, gentle and rough, porcelain and clay. In this classical dialectic of form, I am trying to introduce the theme of the subtle relations between different phenomena.”


The Pottery Studio at the
Slovenian Ethnographic Museum
Metelkova 2
Ljubljana, Slovenia


lenassieva @
+386 (0) 40 384 345

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