The Blossoms


fired and glazed clay

diameter varies from 6 – 11cm, height 4 – 7cm

“While creating each of the objects in „The Blossoms“ I had in mind the softness and pliability of the clay material. I developed a technique of rhythmical pounding on clay with the intention of making blossom-like shapes, also suggesting movement. In such a way each of the „blossoms“ is frozen in time.
Grouping of the blossoms is a subject of exploring various orders from symmetry to asymmetry, in lines, in clusters, supporting other elements in the surroundings or neglecting them. In some cases more than one colour is used for further development of the compositions.
The blossoms are bowllike so they can be perfectly used as ceramic pots for offering food. The technique of shaping them makes each of them a unique bowl while together they play a merry family.”


The Pottery Studio at the
Slovenian Ethnographic Museum
Metelkova 2
Ljubljana, Slovenia


lenassieva @
+386 (0) 40 384 345

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