fired and partially glazed earthenware

installation with pieces of various dimensions from 5 x 5 x 1cm up tp 30 x 15 x 20cm

“This particular group of objects was created to make an illusion of a group of foot-like objects wading into shallow water into a soft sandy or clay-like material. In reality the ground was dry, hard, shiny stone. The objects were glazed with a shiny glaze to the same height to suggest a water environment. A smaller group of objects was shaped as if it had been washed up on shore while the majority of objects were directed toward the „deeper area“, which is also suggested by the shape and direction of the items.The wooden peer walking area was reserved for the people to walk on and observe the lower area. The gallery is placed at the seaside thus the objects were directed toward the sea which was actually visible through the glass entrance. The walking area was placed in between both entrances.
With this assembly I proved that the shape and direction of objects without additional means of deception can sufficiently provide the illusion the sculptor had in mind to convey to the audience.”


The Pottery Studio at the
Slovenian Ethnographic Museum
Metelkova 2
Ljubljana, Slovenia


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