Individual Works
– 21st Century


This is one of three parts of the artwork. The three objects resemble three pairs of feet – boots in a most peaceful and static position.

(Kontemplacija iz cikla 21. Stoletje je poskus intimne postavitve združenih parov objektov v kontemplativni drži.)


fired earthenware in reduction in a traditional kiln


Four ceramic objects in a shape of a foot/a boot/a puppet limb are connected with metal parts to assemble a walking machine.


fired earthenware and metal parts

25 x 20 x 60 cm


The walking parts are connected in a way that prevents them from independent movement. Because of their angular shape, the bundle assumes a role of an anchor with the purpose to not encourage but instead to stop the motion.


Fired and glazed earthenware

37 x 33 x 39 cm

Spare Parts

Spare Parts seem to be just leftover parts of a bigger whole. They are set up to convey the  impression of  coincidence, instantaneousness, dysfunction. We assume a connecting part is missing. What is left is not enough to work as a machine.

(Rezervni deli iz cikla 21.stoletje so celota z neomejenim številom možnosti postavitve  saj gre za neorganiziran, nepovezan skup elementov, s čimer se vzpostavlja vtis slučajnosti, trenutnosti, nefunkcionalnosti.  Manjka povezovalni del, da bi jih osmislil. Izražajo pasivnost.)


fired stoneware

21 x 21 x 8 cm


This is one of three Turbines. The objects are installed around a circle to convey circular motion.


fired stoneware

40 cm diameter, 10 cm height

Active and Passive

The two pairs of  boot-like objects are placed under and above a plain, one in a strong upright position supporting the whole, the other one laid down in a passive resting position. The plain in between assumes a role of a tabletop.


Fired and glazed earthenware


The boot-like elements are connected with a pipe which is clearly a part of a longer structure. The rusted look and ragged edges suggest the long forgotten functionality of the item belonging to a mechanical era of iron and steel.


fired stonewear


The objects are taken from various series and placed on the ground primarily to emphasize their rusty look.


fired stonewear

pieces in various assemblies

21st Century

This artwork was shown as part of the group exhibition ‘Structures’ at the Galerija Loterije Slovenije.



individual elements 20 x 20 x 6 cm



each element 20 x 20 x 6 cm

Guardian of the Garden (Instead of a Gnome)

fired and glazed earthenware

Still Life

fired earthenware


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